Destination: Hopland

Destination: Hopland

By Jasmine Lang

Your weekend passport to the heart of Mendocino wine country has arrived.



Hopland Passport for two, please! If you are a wine lover looking to explore the northern West Coast, here is your chance to experience beautiful Mendocino County. In the heart of the Russian River, your next getaway awaits you as you enjoy beautiful scenery, the finest wines, delicious cuisine, and live music. The only thing you will need to do is purchase your Hopland Passport for two full days, Saturday October 18th and Sunday October 19th, from 11AM to 5PM. There will be fourteen wineries engaging in this wondrous retreat, ensuring that you will be provided with the most memorable experiences, whether you are with family or your significant other.

If you are traveling along the coast, you might wonder about how you’ll get around. Destination Hopland, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about the unique agricultural and tourism attractions around the greater Hopland area, provides a complimentary designated driver with your entry. You will get to your next destination safely, while maintaining full access to all the group activities.

Now all you have to do is decide who will be taking the title that day. I say your best bet is to flip a coin, because there is no way anyone is forfeiting delicious wine tasting voluntarily. Or better yet, attend both days and switch off. For those of you who can’t decide, there will be private shuttles available as well. Hopland wineries encourage their explorers to engage in responsible wine tasting. Now that your one and only question has been answered, let me unravel all the many reasons Destination Hopland will be on your October calendar to-do list!

#1: There will be live music! Who doesn’t  love dancing after a few glasses of wine to get you pumped and ready to bust a move. The internationally award-winning Brutocao Cellars Family Vineyard will have you stomping the yard down with their annual grape stomp!

#2: There will be food pairings with each wine tasting, delicately selected to enhance the taste of each wine in a yummy combination.

#3: There will be some new organic autumn-inspired wine options to get you prepared for the new season.

#4: Support and get involved with the community. In an increasingly assimilated world, communities that preserve their unique businesses have an economic advantage.

#5: The holiday season is on it’s way. Friends and family will be making their way together to celebrate, and you are going to need some wine to be a good host. Be sure to tell them about Destination Hopland and   what this wonderful event inspires.

If you are curious about the history of the wineries that will be participating in Destination Hopland, there will be ample opportunity for you to meet the vineyard owners, vintners, farmers, and of course the Mendocino County locals. For travelers who aren’t familiar with the area, this provides you with the ultimate welcome. Engaging with the experts can also enhance your own knowledge, in case any of you might have the urge to start your own winery!

The small community of Hopland is striving to bring everyone together and inform them of the local businesses efforts that are evolving there. It’s important that we support special events like Destination Hopland to keep our communities unified and help small businesses to progress. Linking neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships helps contribute to local causes, and you will feel the impact your involvement has on enriching the entire community.

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