Growing up cannabis

Growing Up Cannabis: Cannabis and Entertainment

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Capital Cathy: Julia Jacobson, CEO of Aster Farms

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Effortless Entertainment: 10 Podcasts to try During Quarantine

For many, the consistent pushes for quarantined productivity can be overwhelming. 

Capital Cathy: Andrea Brooks of Sava

In this episode, Emerald Media hosts Andrea Brooks, the founder of Sava, an eCommerce platform that vets cannabis commodities on [...]

Capital Cathy: Eleanor Kuntz of LeafWorks

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Capital Cathy: Jennifer Chapin, Co-Founder of Kikoko

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Capital Cathy Podcast: #1—”Not Enough Women are Financed”—Christina de Giovanni

Welcome to the Capital Cathy podcast, the show that talks about funding a future for women, and their experiences in [...]

Girls Growin’ Wild #4: Woodman Peak Farm

Welcome to the Girls Growin’ Wild podcast, the show that talks about what it is like to be a womxn on [...]