J. Laura

Emerald contributor since July 2020
Journalist and contributor for Emerald; covering the social, cultural, political and medical side of cannabis and other (mostly sensitive) issues. For any collaborations or tips, email me at [laura@emeraldmg.com].
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Pornhub : The Website to Advertise Political Campaigns

Written By: J. Laura   Many Americans won’t just see political advertisements on lawns, billboards, bumper stickers or TVs this [...]
Coronavirus Covid 19

COVID-19 is on the Rise for the Second Time

Written by: J. Laura   Countries across the world are preparing for lockdown and restrictions amid the second wave of [...]
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The Black National Anthem Will be Played Before Every NFL Game this Season

Written by: J. Laura   In July 2020, the National Football League (NFL) announced it will play the Black National [...]
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Did the Du Pont Family Catalyze Cannabis Prohibition?

In 1937, congress passed the Marihuana Tax Act , a law which made cannabis restrictive in the U.S. The act [...]

How Medical CBD Originated from the AIDS Epidemic

 Written By: J. Laura   In 1981, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an article in [...]
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How Cannabis is Used to Discriminate Against and Disenfranchise People of Color

Cannabis has historically been used as a tool to discriminate against people of color — and the discrimination is still [...]

Indonesian Advocates Urge Government to Study Cannabis

This article is a continuation of Emerald’s previous article, The Man Behind the Indonesian Cannabis Circle: a Movement to Raise [...]
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Latest Study Suggests that CBD Could Help Treat PTSD

  On August 7th 2020, University College London (UCL) published a report which showed that a single dose of cannabidiol [...]
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Questioning the use of Cannabis for Weight Loss

Written By: J. Laura   On July 23rd, GlobeNewswire reported that Cannabis Global Inc. — a cannabinoid and hemp company [...]