J. Laura

Emerald contributor since July 2020
Journalist and contributor for Emerald; covering the social, cultural, political and medical side of cannabis and other (mostly sensitive) issues. For any collaborations or tips, email me at [laura@emeraldmg.com].
Life Outside Earth

Is There Life Outside Earth?

  On December 8th, reports arose that former Israeli space security chief, Haim Eshed, said that extraterrestrials exist.  According to [...]
bug chasing

Bug Chasing: When gay men Infect Themselves with HIV

This article contains sexual descriptions   In 2019, UNAIDS — a global effort to end AIDS — estimated there were [...]

Hidden Away: Eating Disorders in Men

Male eating disorders are under-diagnosed, undertreated, and misunderstood by many, according to research published in the Eating Disorders journal.  Yet, [...]
getting COVID-19 vaccine

Are we one Step Closer to Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine?

  Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic on March 11th, 2020, drug makers have [...]
red and blue building illustration

The Democrat Divide: The Generational Gap of the “Left”

There is a generational gap between the younger and the older members of the Democratic left. Pew Research Center, a [...]
people walking on street protesting Abortion ban

Poland Nears a Total Abortion ban as More Women Travel Abroad for Procedure

person in water in grayscale photography

Suicide Rates are Expected to Increase Amid the Pandemic, and After

COVID-19 has affected more than 44 millions lives globally. However the pandemic has not just taken the lives of those [...]
photo of person reach out above the water

The Mental Health Damage Caused by the Pandemic

  The psychological mind games that COVID-19 unveils are beyond the capabilities of us humans. Ever since the World Health [...]
Felisha George in the woods

Felisha George: Hip-Hop for Healing and Celebration

Twenty-five-year-old Felisha George is a hip-hop artist from New Jersey who recently starred on  Netflix’s music competition series, Rhythm and [...]