New Jersey legalizes recreational cannabis

New Jersey Becomes the 13th State to Legalize Cannabis

Two-thirds of New Jersians voted to legalize cannabis on the November 2020 ballot. Ongoing disagreements between lawmakers related to licensing and penalties for underaged users, however, have continuously delayed things — until now. Three months and 6,000 arrests later, Gov. Phil Murphy has officially signed the bill making New Jersey the 13th state to legalize recreational cannabis.

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Women In Hemp: Jades Elevation

Meet Danielle Buntyon, owner of Jades Elevation LLC, located in Memphis, Tennessee. Buntyon is a 36-year-old mom who’s on a mission to spread awareness about hemp. There is still a lot of stigma toward cannabis in the South, explains Buntyon. She admits that being a part of the cannabis industry in the South was difficult for her. Many of her fellow Southerners knew very little about the industry, leaving room for judgment. But, she dove deeper and discovered that hemp, in particular, was the most affordable part of the cannabis industry to launch a business. So — after lots of research and legal advice — Buntyon sold her house, and put that money towards her dreams in the hemp industry.

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